Looking back in time on Auto1 at its 2013 Series A

by Steve Schlenker, Managing Partner, DN Capital

Markus Boser (CFO), Christian Bertermann (Co-Founder and CEO) and Hakan Koc (Co-Founder and Supervisory Board Member) celebrating their IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the largest venture-backed IPO in Germany since at least 2001

Auto1 ringing the bell on the Frankfurt exchange this week brings one of the most successful Berlin startups to a new chapter. Its shares priced at a €7.9 billion valuation and closed the first day at a valuation of approximately €11 billion, making it the largest IPO of a venture backed company in Germany since at least 2001, if not in history.

This IPO underlines Europe’s attractiveness (and Germany’s in particular) to cultivate globally relevant high growth companies. DN Capital is proud to have led the Series A round as its first institutional…

A requiem for Donald (sung to, and with minor word changes from, Goodnight and Thank You from the play Evita)


Goodnight and thank you, Chris Christie

You’ve completed your task

What more could we ask of you now?

Please sign the book on your way out the door

That will be all

If we need you, we’ll call

But I don’t think that’s likely somehow


Oh, but it’s sad that when a Russian plot dies

The parting, the closing of doors

But we must be honest, stop fooling ourselves


Which means “Up yours!”

Ivanka & Christie:


My first experience with algo trading:

A few days before the Brexit vote I decided to sell down some public shares I owned so I could have more liquidity in case the markets moved south after the vote.

One of the stocks I sold was Criteo, even though I love the company.

While I did not hit the high of circa $47.00, I did sell out at $45.50 or so.

In the first two days after the referendum, Criteo’s share price fell to $40.80. So Tuesday morning, I decide, maybe it makes sense at open to buy back in.


This is my first Medium posting. It is about Media bias in the current political campaign. …

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Investor in early stage companies particularly ones that level uneven playing fields, in fintech, autotech, and software

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